Goodbye old year. Hello new year.

A preliminary list of tasks for the new year is online on the MediaEval 2018 webpage. We will continue to extend this list as new proposals come in.

Proposals for 2018 tasks are accepted through 16 February 2018. If you are interested in proposal a task, please see the MediaEval 2018 Call for Task Proposals.

Registration for MediaEval 2018 tasks will open at the beginning of March. The workshop will be held at EURECOM in Sophia Antipolis, France, in November.

Finally, the full materials of MediaEval 2017 are now available online on the MediaEval 2017 webpage and the task webpages linked to there.

MediaEval 2018 Call for Task proposals

Indication of Intent: Friday 22 December 2017- Friday 26 January 2018
Full proposal deadline: Friday 16 February (updated deadline)

The Multimedia Evaluation Benchmark, MediaEval, offers challenges in the form of shared tasks. The goal of MediaEval is to develop and evaluate new algorithms and technologies for multimedia retrieval, access and exploration. MediaEval tasks are innovative, involving multiple modalities, (e.g., audio, visual, textual, and/or contextual) and focusing on the human and social aspects of multimedia. Our larger aim is to promote reproducible research that makes multimedia a positive force for society

MediaEval is now calling for proposals for tasks to run in the 2018 benchmarking season. The proposal should describe the motivation of the task and define the specific problem that task participants are required to solve. It should provide information on the data (including source and licensing), and on how the solutions developed by task participants will be evaluated. Read More...

MediaEval 2017 Delay in materials publication

We are experiencing a delay in the materials publication for the workshop last month. Thank you for your patience, and the workshop materials should be online soon.

MediaEval 2017 Workshop Program Online

We look forward to welcoming you to Ireland for the MediaEval 2017 Workshop 13-15 September 2017, at Trinity College Dublin. The workshop program is now available.

The MediaEval 2017 venue and locations of social events have been marked for you on this map of Trinity College Dublin. We hope it comes in handy. Read More...

MediaEval 2017 Workshop

Registration for the MediaEval 2017 Workshop is open. To register please go to the CLEF/MediaEval 2017 Registration Page.

The MediaEval Workshop starts at 11.00 on Wednesday 13 September, and concludes at 18:00 Friday 15 September. A more detailed schedule will be published at the end of August.

We ask you to register as soon as possible: We need a headcount for the catering...and also the rooms at Trinity College (should you want university accommodation) are filling up.