MediaEval 2015 Survey

Interested in MediaEval 2015? Please fill out the survey:
The survey is your opportunity to help determine which tasks should be offered in MediaEval 2015, and how they should be formulated. Please add your address to the survey, in order to receive more information specifically about 2015. Task registration will open at the end of February. Read More...

Interspeech 2015 Special Session CfP: Synergies of speech and multimedia technologies

We are happy to announce the Interspeech 2015 Special Session “Synergies of speech and multimedia technologies”. Please submit your papers on topics involving the integration of speech and multimedia to the Interspeech 2015 submission system by 20 March 2015. Interspeech 2015 is 6-10 September in Dresden, Germany. Click “Read more...” for the complete CfP. The MediaEval 2015 Workshop will be held close-by at the beginning of the following week. Read More...

Crowd contributions to Dataset Creation

We take the opportunity of the holiday season to send a special work of thanks to the people that make MediaEval possible, Organizers, Participants, but also the Crowdworkers who provide annotations for many of the tasks. We have written a letter to the people who carry out our microtasks, to provide a more direct link of understanding between those who provide ground truth, and those who use it. Read More...

MediaEval Moves Towards 2015

MediaEval is moving towards 2015! At ACM Multimedia 2014 we will have a quick meet up between 17:30-18:30 Wednesday 5 November (between the session end and banquet) at the tables outside behind the registration desk. Please stop by for information about participating in MediaEval 2015.

The Call for Task Proposals for MediaEval 2015 has appeared. Deadline for task proposals is 22 December. The community will give feedback on the proposals with the MediaEval 2015 survey in January, and the 2015 task offering will be published mid-February. Read More...

MediaEval 2014 Program and Proceedings Online

The Working Notes Proceedings of the MediaEval 2014 Benchmark is now available online at:

Example of how to cite a paper from the proceedings:

Manchon-Vizuete, D., Gris-Sarabia, I., Giro-i-Nieto, G. UPC at MediaEval 2014 Social Event Detection Task. Working Notes Proceedings of the MediaEval 2014 Workshop, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain, October 16-17, 2014,, online

The workshop program is available at: MediaEval 2014 Workshop Program