MediaEval 2015 Workshop Registration

The yearly benchmarking cycle culminates with the MediaEval 2015 Workshop, held Monday and Tuesday, 14-15 September 2015 in Wurzen, Germany. More information is available on MediaEval 2015 Workshop Registration Website.

We ask you to register as soon as possible. We are offering the opportunity to reserve accommodations this year, and registering early will help that process run smoothly. Registrations later than September 1 will be charged a late fee.

This year, we have chosen a castle in Saxony, dating from the late Middle Ages, as the workshop venue. The MediaEval 2015 satellite event of Interspeech 2015.

MediaEval 2015 Workshop Travel Support

A limited number of travel grants are available to support travel of outstanding student participants to the workshop. Researchers who have recently defended their PhDs also come into consideration. We ask you to submit your application by July 4. Read More...

MediaEval 2015 Data Release

Data releases have begun for MediaEval 2015. Check the task page for detailed information on the release dates for that task. Links to task pages are on the MediaEval 2015 page. If the task date has passed, and you have not yet received information on how to access the data, make sure that you have returned the MediaEval 2015 Usage Agreement, and then please contact Martha Larson.

MediaEval 2015 Usage Agreements

After you have registered to participate in MediaEval 2015, via the MediaEval 2015 registration site, the next step is to return the usage agreement, which is now available. Read More...

MediaEval 2015 Registration Open

Registration for the MediaEval 2015 Multimedia Benchmark has opened. Please register using the MediaEval 2015 registration site (now open).

We ask you to register by 1 May, when the first task will release its data set. After that point, late registration will be possible, but we encourage teams to register as early as they can.

Descriptions of the tasks offered in 2015 can be found on the MediaEval 2015 page. More detailed information will be posted soon.