MediaEval 2017 Workshop Registration

Registration for the MediaEval 2017 Workshop is open.

MediaEval 2017 Student Travel Grant Applications

We are happy to announce that a limited number of travel grants are available to support travel of outstanding student participants to the MediaEval 2017 workshop. Researchers who have recently defended their PhDs are also eligible to apply for these awards. Deadline: 28 July 2017 (but inquire if you missed the deadline). Read More...

MediaEval 2017 Working Notes Submission

Please prepare your 2-page MediaEval 2017 Working Notes papers according to the instructions (which include templates).

The deadline for the paper is 27 August 2017, unless otherwise noted on your MediaEval 2017 task page.

Submission system:

MediaEval 2017 Usage Agreement and possibility for Late Registration

After you have registered to participate in MediaEval 2017 on the MediaEval 2017 registration site, please fill out the 2017 Usage Agreement and return it according to the instructions. Information on the tasks is available at MediaEval 2017 webpage. Data releases have now begun, however, late registration is still possible on the MediaEval 2017 registration site

MediaEval 2017 Registration

Registration to participated in MediaEval 2017 shared-tasks is now open on the MediaEval 2017 registration site. For information on the tasks, including dates of data set releases see the MediaEval 2017 webpage.