Announcing MediaEval 2020

The Multimedia Evaluation Benchmark (MediaEval) offers challenges in the form of shared tasks. The goal of MediaEval is to develop and evaluate new algorithms and technologies for multimedia retrieval, access and exploration. MediaEval tasks are innovative, involving multiple modalities, (e.g., audio, visual, textual, and/or contextual) and focusing on the human and social aspects of multimedia. Our larger aim is to promote reproducible research that makes multimedia a positive force for society. 

In 2020, MediaEval will take place entirely online. Signup will open very soon. Watch this website for more information.

This year we will again be offering an interesting line up of tasks related to images, video, music, user interaction data, sensor data, lifelogging data. The tasks that MediaEval will offer in 2020 include:

• Emotion and theme recognition in music
• Emotional Mario: Believable AI agents in Video Games
• Fake news detection
• Insight for Wellbeing: Multimodal personal health lifelog data analysis
• Medico Medical Multimedia
• Multimedia Recommender Systems
• No-audio Multimodal Speech Detection
• Pixel Privacy 
• Predicting Media Memorability

Tasks will release data starting at the beginning of July and submissions will be due in November. The online workshop will be held at the beginning of December, exact dates to be announced.  For more information watch this website or contact Martha Larson m.larson at