MediaEval 2013 Registration + Usage Agreement

Please register to participate in MediaEval 2013 using the MediaEval 2013 registration site (now open).

After registering, please sign and return the usage agreement, which can be downloaded here.

After the form has been returned, the task organizers will receive a green light that your team has been cleared to receive the first data release. Note that the data release dates are different for the different tasks.

For dates of data releases for your task, please see the schedule on the individual task pages. The overview list of task with links to task pages can be found on the MediaEval 2013 page.

Please note that the data from the 2013 Search and Hyperlinking task is provided by the BBC, who requires a second additional usage agreement to be signed by all task participants. This agreement will be made available to the Search and Hyperlinking task participants by the task organizers.