Call for MediaEval Letters Papers

Call for Papers: MediaEval Letters
Special Section of the MediaEval 2016 Working Notes Proceedings
Deadline: 15 September 2016

Through multimedia benchmarks, the MediaEval community produces results and insights that often go beyond a single working notes paper of a given task in a given year. Such results are of interest to the research community, however, their scope may mean that they are not yet appropriate for publication in a mainstream venue.

Since we are interested in making information of this type available to the readers of the MediaEval working notes proceedings, in 2016, we will again extend the MediaEval Workshop Proceedings with a short supplementary section entitled “MediaEval Letters”.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Reproducibility and replication: Insights gained from reimplementation of algorithms from past MediaEval Working Notes.
  • Best Practices: Proposals for extending the effectiveness or usefulness of the benchmark.
  • MediaEval history: Studies devoted to tracking where we have been.
  • Bibliographic studies, or studies devoted to measuring the impact of MediaEval.
  • Position papers regarding trends in multimedia benchmarks, either in general or regarding a particular task
“MediaEval Letters” submissions will use the same format as regular working notes papers (i.e., they are two pages in length and are formatted according to They will be reviewed by the MediaEval Community Council.

Example of letters can be found at the end of last year’s proceedings:

Submission deadline: 15 September 2016 (firm deadline)

Please submit the papers to the Letters track at:

For more information, please contact Guillaume Gravier ( and Martha Larson ( We welcome advanced inquiries about whether the topic that you have in mind is suitable for MediaEval Letters.