MediaEval 2014 Workshop Travel Support

A limited number of travel grants are available to support travel of outstanding student participants to the workshop. Researchers who have recently defended their PhDs also come into consideration.

The amount of the travel grants is maximum 500 Euros each. We hope to be able to offer a bit more for students with long distances to travel, but at the moment, it is not clear if we will be able to do so.

Applicants for the travel grants are asked to submit the first page of your working paper in draft, i.e., everything that you can write at this moment before you have actually completed your runs or received your results. This includes the motivation for your approach (including the specific research questions that your are investigating), the discussion of the related work, and a description of your approach.

The applications will be judged by a committee of MediaEval organizers, including the organizers of the task(s) in which the applicant is participating.

Applications should be sent by email to both Mohammad Soleymani (mohammad(a dot)soleymani(anat)unige(adot)ch) and Guillaume Gravier (guig(anat)irisa(adot)fr).

Interested participants should send a declaration of intention by August 8, 2014 (i.e., write a short email to Mohammad Soleymani and Guillaume Gravier). The final application deadline is August 25, 2014.

The first page of the working notes papers are judged by the following criteria:

  • Description of the algorithm and its motivation. Does it reflect an understanding of the underlying challenges of the task?
  • Grounding in related work. Have the references been well selected? Is anything critical missing?
  • Focus on the essentials. Does the paper stay on topic or does it include extraneous information?

Note that these are the points that contribute to writing a high quality working notes paper. Effectively, it should take you a limited amount of extra time to apply for travel support, since you would be writing a working notes paper (taking these points into consideration) independently of whether or not you apply for travel support.

Note also that if it becomes necessary to make some changes in the description of your approach before the final working notes paper submission that will be allowed as long as you have some substantive reason for needing to do so.

If your grant application should be accepted we will also ask your adviser to send a 2-3 sentence message in support of your application. If you would like to ask your adviser to do this already at the time of application, that is also fine.