MediaEval 2013 Working notes paper deadline

The submission system for MediaEval 2013 working notes papers is now open. The deadline is 28 September. Thank you to everyone for starting to write their working notes papers as soon as possible so as to meet the deadline (which cannot be extended due to the proceedings production schedule).

For information about when the results will be returned please see the page of your task on the wiki. We suggest that you already start to write the paper (the introduction) before the results are returned.

You may find it helpful to refer to examples of working notes papers from previous years:
MediaEval 2011 Working Notes Proceedings:
MediaEval 2012 Working Notes Proceedings:

If you have questions, please write either Martha Larson or your task organizers. Questions can be either very concrete (e.g., Where is the Task Overview Paper?) or also more general in nature (e.g., How was the evaluation metric for this task selected?) We are happy to hear from you.