MediaEval 2017 Student Travel Grant Applications

Call for Student Travel Grant Applications for MediaEval 2017

Deadline: 28 July 2017

We are happy to announce that a limited number of travel grants are available to support travel of outstanding student participants to the MediaEval 2017 workshop. Researchers who have recently defended their PhDs are also eligible to apply for these awards.

Deadline for application: 28 July 2017
Applications should be sent by email to Martha Larson m.a.larson (at) with a cc to gareth.jones (at)

The award will give you a free registration (worth 250 Euros). If there is enough funding, then it might be possible to also award a small amount that you can put to paying for accommodation or your flight.

Funds for these awards are limited and we are seeking ensure that awards are made to enable the maximum level of participation in the workshop by students who have participated actively in MediaEval tasks, and for whom attending the workshop will impact positively on their ongoing studies.

In order to assess your application we need you to address the follow points:

1. Technical summary: Prepare short description of your participation in a MediaEval 2017 task (max. 200 words). This should describe the motivation for the approach that you took. Why do you think that this will be a productive approach to the problem? In which respect is your approach novel, or does it build on existing work?
2. Personal statement: Explain briefly how will participation in the MediaEval 2017 Workshop contribute to your ongoing studies? Please also explain your personal motivation for attending the workshop. (max. 200 words)
3. Statement of support: Have your supervisor/advisor write a brief statement of support for your application in an email to Martha Larson m.a.larson (at) with a cc to gareth.jones (at) (max. 100 words).

We would appreciate if you please give an honest indication of whether the support would be “nice to have” or whether it is essential in order for your to be able to travel to and participate in the MediaEval 2017 Workshop.

If you miss the deadline and your nationality or visa status already permits them to travel to the Republic of Ireland (in other words, you do not need time in order to apply for a visa) please contact us to inquire about whether we can accept late applications.

Please write to Martha Larson m.a.larson (at) if you have any questions.