MediaEval 2013 Survey Online

If you are interested in participating in MediaEval 2013, we invite you to fill out the MediaEval 2013 Task Survey The survey is used to collect the opinions of the community on which tasks should be offered in MediaEval 2013 and collect your views on the details of the task design. The tasks that will be offered in MediaEval 2013 will be decided on the basis of the results of the survey. The tasks will be announced mid-February and sign-up for participation in MediaEval 2013 will open at the beginning of March.

The survey will take you about 5 minutes if you fill in only the main questions. There are 12 main questions, which are multiple choice questions that collect your opinion on each of the 12 tasks that have been proposed for MediaEval 2013. The survey will take you about 25 minutes if you chose to answer the additional questions and give comments (which we encourage).