MediaEval 2012 Test data releases

Test data will be released according to this updated schedule: Placing Task (25 June), Tagging Task (25 June), Social Event Detection (30 June), Spoken Web Search (1 July), Affect Task (1 May), Visual Privacy Task (1 June).

If you are interested in one of the Brave New Tasks please contact the organizers for information.

Regular registration for participation in MediaEval 2012 is now closed. Late registration is possible until 30 June.

If you registered for participation in MediaEval 2012, but did not yet receive access to the wiki please contact Martha Larson as soon as possible.

For more information concerning the deadlines by which teams must submit results, please consult the task pages.

Registration for the MediaEval 2012 workshop is separate from registration to participate in MediaEval and will open in July.